SURVIVAL – Life From Death – eBook


A lighthearted murder mystery

Cathartic – Emotional – Chilling

This is a story of the struggles in life, of family bonds, and good friendships. But rarely in life do things go to plan as unfulfilled expectations darken their days.

Death is a part of our lives that we can never escape, yet we live as if it will never come, hiding from it, denying its existence. But in a way it lives within us, it is all around us. We see it on the news, but we are quick to ignore it. Be grateful for the life you have, and for the people you love.


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Vincent’s life is on an upward trajectory. His dreams are within reach. He has done very well in life. But as with all good things, there is always a bad side.

His fiancé is his perfect match, however her jealousy of Vincent’s childhood sweetheart borders on the criminally insane. His best mate has slumped to the depth of depression and is headed down a dangerous path of self-abuse. His accident-prone father is forever a worry, and his dark and mysterious neighbour lurks in the shadows like a foreboding ghoul ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.

Yes, life is good. Despite those around him, Vincent believes he has everything under control, until everything starts to unravel. Then he has to scramble to save everything and everyone he holds dear to him.

Unfortunately, not everyone survives.



Spoiler Alert!

No seriously – if you don’t want to know the twist or the ending, DO NOT read any further.

Vincent’s life was on an upward trajectory. He has done very well in life. Born to the filthy back streets of the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, he started a courier business as a teen on a bicycle. Over the years, it had grown to be the largest courier business servicing the CBD. On the verge of further expansion into shipping container cartage from the wharves, and in the throes of proposing to his fiancé Claire, his dreams were within reach.

However, his wild school and street friend Rosie, was still a constant distraction. Although they had never been lovers, a forbidden tryst was never too far from their thoughts. Now, with an unwanted pregnancy, Rosie had stepped up her campaign to snare Vincent as her own, much to Claire’s annoyance.

Aldo had always been accident-prone. He was a constant worry for Vincent, who did what he could to help his father maintain his old house. Falling off ladders and slicing his hand open were common occurrences for Aldo, much to Shona’s delight. She had been a neighbour most of her life, but Vincent did not give her too much time these days due to her dark and sinister ghoulish behaviour. Rumoured to bite heads off mice and strangle cats for pleasure, Shona teased Aldo for his clumsiness, as if baiting him to have an accident for her pleasure.

Claire had started life as a quiet and shy girl, who had discovered the secret to charm and tease through years of observation, to worm her way into the ‘in’ crown. Now she was the ‘it’ girl, and a perfect trophy wife-to-be for Vincent. Her social calendar was full, and she was the perfect host at parties. She was perfect. Her life was perfect. All except for that ‘bitch’ Rosie who insisted on pawing all over her Vincent.

Lastly, there was Ethan, the third leg of the childhood trio with Vincent and Rosie. His life had been rudderless from the start. Drunk or stoned most of the time, he had recently lost yet another job as a long-haul truck driver. Descending into suicidal depression, Vincent offered him an olive branch to drive one of his new trucks. It was a decision Frank soon regretted.

Aldo died suddenly of a heart attack, much to the surprise of everyone who had thought he would die in a silly accident. At the same time, Ethan disappeared, feared dead by his own hand, only to return to find Rosie and Claire threatening to kill each other. Shona befriended Claire with a plot to abort Rosie’s baby. And all the while, Vincent, a tower of strength, did his best to hold everything and everyone together.

After crashing Vincent’s truck, anxiety and depression get the better of Ethan, he disappeared a second time, determined to shoot himself in a demented public display. Shona and Claire visit Rosie, but the knife ended up in Claire’s stomach. Shona descended into a mad hysteria at the sight of so much blood, then ran from her apartment into the path of a speeding bus. After having lost his beloved father, his fiancé, and now his business reputation ruined due to Ethan’s escapade on the wharf before smashing up his truck, the very capable Vincent lost his will to live and stepped purposefully into the path of a train.

Ethan returned after a pathetic failure to kill himself and visited Rosie in hospital the day after she gave birth to a boy. She was surprised at how he had cleaned himself up. He had bought a van and was determined to rebuild Vincent’s business that he had destroyed. She confessed that the baby was his, conceived in a drunken blur at a party neither of them could remember. It was just the inspiration Ethan needed. He proposed to Rosie on the spot. Despite their past hostility, she cried because it was the best offer she had had to lift her life out of the gutter.


The accident-prone died naturally.

The sadistic died in an accident.

The pregnant became a murderer.

The strong of mind suicided.

The suicidal returned to save the day.