A Tree Full of Crows: An Anthology

Discover the enchanting world of crows and ravens in "A Tree Full of Crows: An Anthology," edited by Mandy Chandler.

This captivating collection features imaginative poems, drabbles, and short stories from a diverse array of bestselling, award-winning authors and promising newcomers. From tales of mischief and magic to eerie encounters and unexpected friendships, each story within these pages showcases the mysterious allure of these swarthy-feathered creatures.

Join us on a journey through dark forests, bustling cities, and haunting landscapes, where crows and humans collide. With a nod to both the playful and the profound, these stories are sure to delight and disturb in equal measure. So, heed the call of the crows and immerse yourself in this captivating anthology.

The Lure of Patonga - By Travis James

I changed the parrot to a crow in an adaptation of the scene in ESCAPE To Patonga where Riley encounters Whitie the parrot on the balcony rail.

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Trust Me - By Travis James

An adaptation from the opening scene of ESCAPE To Patonga

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