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Escape to Patonga provides the opportunity to visit a coastal town on the mid north coast of New South Wales, with Riley, while he attempts to sort out the mess he’s made of his marriage and job. There’s drug smuggling, a kidnapping and an amorous woman to contend with. Has the feels of the fictional town of Pearl Bay in the Australian TV series Seachange, with flawed characters in a small community, but a bit darker.
Tracy Stanley
The writing style of Travis James does indeed draw you in at times. By no means is this book without promise. Travis falls into the same traps as many other new authors do, including myself. I know from experience since I myself am a dyslexic author myself. I know the trials of writing and the sweet rewards of success. Travis is a hard working author and does deserve our support for the work that he laid he for us.
Howard Peter-Burrel Moul
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a lot of fun, and it definitely kept me guessing as to what had actually happened at a couple of points. And the plot twist definitely took me by surprise! I enjoyed being able to read about a real place, that was lovingly described, where you felt like you could smell the salty sea air, and you could feel the sand between your toes. And I hope Travis James publishes the next book, because I want to know what happens next! If you enjoy mystery thrillers from Down Under, give Escape To Patonga a go! It'll be a lot of fun, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride!

Amandine Llwyd

Escape to Patonga is a mystery-thriller that believably details the story of Riley Pitman, a taciturn introvert who is struggling in his marriage, while also juggling a successful import business, with the added danger of agreeing to smuggle in illicit substances at the behest of a drinking buddy. When he can't handle the pressure anymore, he goes to a village where he used to vacation as a child, and because of his reticent and icy nature, he is gossiped about by the locals, who potentially get the completely wrong idea about him.
Amanda Elliott
Travis’ brisk moving story has given voice to the colourful characters and beautiful landscape of the Australian Central Coast.
Dr Sue Brown PhD
Travis has a remarkable gift for observing the lives of Australians and re-presenting them in his stories.
Roy Forward
Australian National University Lecturer
Escape to Patonga has the capacity to draw the reader into its storyline through creating a strong connection to the lives and personality traits of each character. An exciting read with lots of intrigue and plot twists along the way. Tourism in Patonga is destined to escalate after reading this novel!
Stephanie Deane
Primary School Teacher
From the opening handshake, Escape to Patonga instantly transported me into the world of the characters and held me there through the twists and turns of the plot until the very end! I'm now keen to return to Patonga to reacquaint myself with Riley's haven! A great read!
Dr John Brown PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Unrest In Patonga - Another gripping story in this duology, even better than the first! The easy flowing story, relatable chatacters, evocative descriptions of both strong characters (including our favourite Cockatoo!) and subtle gestures, with good pace makes it a good quickly holiday read that you won't want to put down. Highly recommended.
Dr John Brown PhD
Clinical Psychologist