ESCAPE To Patonga 

This is a modern Australian tale about living the dream, the vicious cruelty of gossip, and the inescapable pull of temptation.

The suspicions of a close-knit sea-side village are aroused when a reclusive and dubious male rents an isolated shack.


UNREST In Patonga

The long-awaited climactic yet shocking and humorous sequel to ESCAPE To Patonga.


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ESCAPE To Patonga 

Riley’s life is falling apart. He’s on the brink of losing his business and marriage.

Everyone wants a piece of him. Overwhelmed, he escapes to a childhood haven.

But when he isolates himself in a run-down shack on the far side of the creek, the cheerful occupants of the sleepy seaside village grow suspicious of him.

His odd behaviour, coupled with the disappearance of an employee, has tongues wagging with intrigue and speculation as to what he is doing over there.

Even Riley doubts his decision when unwanted intruders come knocking.

Paradise is not so welcoming any more, yet he digs in, determined to prove them all wrong.


UNREST In Patonga

Love is in the air. Everlasting for some, disastrous for others.

And the continual need to be accepted never wanes for the inhabitants of the small seaside village.

The council is up to its usual tricks, planning unthinkable horrors that could destroy the peace and tranquillity of the whole region.

Everyone pitches in to fight against the redevelopment of their forgotten haven. But is it all to no avail?

Riley is still lurking around in the background trying his best to become one of the locals, and at the same time, causing more tension between them than ever before.

His only real friend is a swearing cockatoo.

And whatever happened to Bryce?