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SURVIVAL – Life From Death

A lighthearted murder mystery

Cathartic – Emotional – Chilling

This is a story of the struggles in life, of family bonds, and good friendships.

But rarely in life do things go to plan as unfulfilled expectations darken their days.


BAD TIMING – Oh My! God?

It’s about time. Now or later.

It’s about believing. Or not.

It’s not about judging or persuading.

No, quite the opposite.

You decide. The choice is yours.

In the end, you could go either way.

But be quick. Time is running out…


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SURVIVAL – Life From Death

Vincent’s life is on an upward trajectory. His dreams are within reach. He has done very well in life. But as with all good things, there is always a bad side.

His fiancé is his perfect match, however her jealousy of Vincent’s childhood sweetheart borders on the criminally insane. His best mate has slumped to the depth of depression and is headed down a dangerous path of self-abuse. His accident-prone father is forever a worry, and his dark and mysterious neighbour lurks in the shadows like a foreboding ghoul ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.

Yes, life is good. Despite those around him, Vincent believes he has everything under control, until everything started to unravel. Then he had to scramble to save everything and everyone he holds dear to him.

Unfortunately, not everyone survives.


BAD TIMING – Oh My! God?

A man with no past is blinded by the light. A zealot is hungry for power. A preacher is paralysed in fear by a vision of glory. And an unassuming man becomes a reluctant Messiah.

There are two sides to this story, both intertwined to form one. Christianity and atheism. They are both right, and at the same time, they are not. All the cards are laid out on the table so they can be inspected with an open mind by both sides.

You must decide what you believe or don’t. The story cannot decide for you, but it will make you think, one way or the other, as a Christian or as an atheist.

But beware, for you might change sides. For better or worse.

It’s totally up to you.