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Prices in Australian Dollars
AUD$19.95 is approx. US$13 AUD$3.95 is approx. US$2.60

The eBook file (ePub) can be read on any device

How to load the ePub file to your eReader App: (Kindle, Kobo etc.) 
  • Email the file directly to your Kindle device by entering its unique email address found in your Kindle’s Settings/Account folder when asked to enter an email address in the shop. 
  • OR
  • Email the file to yourself and then open the email on your phone or tablet.
  • Either press and hold down or tap to open the attached ePub file.
  • Select the Share icon then the eReader App icon you have intalled on your device.

How to read the ePub file in a Chrome web browser: 
  • From the dropdown menu, select Extensions, then Manage Extensions.
  • Search for ‘epub’ then select EPUBReader.
  • Select the Extensions icon on the top menu bar.
  • Click on the folder and select the ePub file saved on your device.

Travis is an Australian Author based in Brisbane.
He has been writing stories for decades and has finally released the first of many titles: ‘Escape’.


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